Thank You
Dr Stan Govender & Team:  Surgeons like you are not just doctors but real lifesavers.  I was an ordinary patient of ordinary means but you and your team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth.  Thank you.


Huge Thank You

Dear Noreen,
I just wanted to write you a note to say a huge thank you for being so diligent in checking my mammogram.  I am very lucky that you picked it up and called me back in.  As you can imagine it hasn’t been an easy week for me but the support I have received from the ladies at St Marks has been wonderful.  I am having surgery next Tuesday and then I can get back to normality.

So again I thank you so much, I am glad that you were the person looking at my mammogram that day.


Breast Reduction Benefits

Although my story is quite long, I’ll try to make it short.  38 years old and a mother of two who suffered for many years of severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain, arm pain and numb hand.  I had been through so many treatment modalities and I had seen so many specialists.  So many medications had been tried and many sessions of physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture.  Even a surgery to relieve the nerve on my arm with no benefits what so ever.  Worse of all was seeing a psychologist as some suggested that my pain was mental in origin.

After a deep thought and a long search and very informative professional consultation with Dr Harman, I put my courage together and decided to go undergo a breast reduction surgery.  As a small person and size 12G cup, I believed this is unrealistic and could be very well the cause of my pain and suffering.

Almost 2 months now after my surgery and I am already feeling the huge relief and the benefits of having my breast size reduced.  Taking off the extra weight I was carrying feels amazing.  All my symptoms are easing and I am as happy and relaxed as I could be.  I cannot thank you enough Dr Harman for your great work and care and for making me a new person.

My message to everyone is that yes, we should still respect the body we are in but no one should be suffering.

Many many thanks again to you Dr Harman and to your angel nurse Lizette.


Superior Work

‘Since you removed my left breast I’ve had the occasion to show my scar to quite a few people who see a lot of them; including my prosthesis fitter, my lymphoedema therapist (just a little and now in remission), complimentary therapists and physiotherapist (mobility good).  They have all remarked on how neat my scar is and have all asked who my surgeon is.  When I tell them it was you, none of them were surprised.  One questioned “I wonder if he knows how good he is”?  So, just in case you don’t, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how well you’re regarded in the after care community. 

While I was in the eye of the storm I wasn’t in a position to see or acknowledge, but I have been clearly very lucky to have you as a surgeon and your superior work has not only prolonged my life but the care you took over the cosmetics has also made a difference to how I will feel about myself for the rest of it.  So thank you for taking the time and having the commitment to being one of the best, I for one, am very grateful that you are.’


Kindness & Professionalism

Thanks to all the staff who had to deal with a very upset person last week.  I really appreciated your kindness and professionalism.

Thank You

Just to say thanks to you for looking after me.

Cancer Free

Dear Stan,
An overdue note to express my gratefulness.  Thank you very much for restoring me to cancer-free. Words can’t express my gratitude for your grace, understanding and timely response whenever I needed guidance or help.  Your entire demeanour instilled assurance at a time when I was lost and full of doubts with anxiety.  Fear and anxiety melted away after each interaction with you.  May God continue to bless and annoint your hands to heal others.


Breast Reduction

Good morning John,
I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you I am thrilled with my new breasts.  My husband (who didn’t think I needed anything done) says I look fantastic and years younger without my matronly bosom!  I was a little shy yesterday when I came in and there was another visiting doctor present so didn’t tell you at the time.  Please pass on my thanks to Melissa as well who was wonderful at alleviating all of my concerns yesterday.

I wish I had done this 10 years ago

In October 2011 at 40 years of age I underwent  breast augmentation by Dr Harman. I had always wanted bigger breasts, being nearly 6ft tall and around 70kgs I found my 12B breasts way too small for my tall frame. From the very first consultation I found both Dr Harman and Melissa Callinan (breast nurse) outstanding to deal with. They were both very patient answering all my questions and allaying my fears. Dr Harman was happy to look at a number of pictures I had brought in (to show him what I wanted) and was very careful in listening to my requests for specific size and shape and how I wanted them to finally look.
After the op I found the pain to be nominal and was easily controlled with over the counter pain meds. My cut is so fine and the scarring is minimal and beautifully done – the work of a skilled surgeon.  Any queries after surgery were quickly answered by Melissa whom I can’t thank or recommend highly enough – she really has the perfect nature for this line of work. I am thrilled with the results. I look fantastic and feel sexy. My only regret is that I wish I had done this 10 years ago, it’s amazing how your confidence grows….



Dear Noreen,
I really do appreciate you finding the cancer so early as another year could have made a big difference.  I am forever in your debt. 

Caring Manner

I would like to thank you for your kind, consideration and caring manner that you extended.  It is a very worrying and stressful time and through it all you were all wonderful.

Caring Professional Understanding

To Stan,
‘I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me.  I was lucky to have you as my surgeon.  You were caring, professional, understanding and so friendly.  I’m not really sure of the right words to use to thank a doctor who did what you did for me.  Thank you so much!’
Grateful patient


Wonderful Team!
I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a great team you currently have at St Marks.  Vanessa, Michelle & Achusla have all been so professional and helpful as well as genuinely caring.  This is the second time I have been through this procedure with St Marks in 2 ½ years and the care that these ladies have given me this time around has been exceptional.  You have a wonderful team!



As a 34 year old, mother of two I had always felt less than the woman I wanted to be when I looked in the mirror. Having had my first child when I was 16, along side my struggles with weight over the years – my breasts had always been variations of deflated. Bras can be great when you’re creating illusions when you’re clothed but I knew what I looked like naked. When many of my friends talked about loosing the bounce in their breasts as we got older, I couldn’t relate. When you breastfed briefly at 16 like I did, it felt like my breasts never really developed let alone ever had bounce so it was something that I tried to live with. 

After I had my second child ten years later, got healthy (loosing around 30kgs) I began to look more seriously into augmentation. After maintaining the loss for around two years and in a great place in my life, I decided it was time and I wanted to look the best I could. A number of my friends had gotten new breasts after they had finished having their families and so I began my research about when and where I wanted to have it done. I looked into the overseas options and despite the obvious price difference, when it comes to your body you have to evaluate everything. My husband was uncomfortable with going off shore, the horror stories, the inconvenience and lack of continuity of care should something go wrong did not outweigh for me the security that comes with having the surgery with our country’s best and recovering at home. 

In my research, Dr Harman was not only the best but with his background in reconstruction (as opposed to purely cosmetic) to me it meant that he wasn’t gong to try and sell me on an objective aesthetic ie. barbie but something that was still me, just a better and fuller version. He was a complete rockstar, thorough, managed my expectations well and a year on I can honestly say it’s been the best 12 months of my life to date. 

As I read on other’s testimonials, recovery is very uncomfortable but not painful. My recovery was smooth sailing but of course it’s a lot to get used to, like sleeping and being worried about how they will settle. In my eyes, mine are just perfect and I couldn’t have wished for a better result. 

It’s difficult to put to words the amount of confidence I have gained. I’ll never be super skinny so I feel like my size 12 body is in perfect proportion. I feel feminine, confident and the best thing for me is that despite being a size 12E  with my wider hips, not many people notice. I’ve never been a boobs out kind of dresser so people have made comments more about my posture and how healthy I look, not about my chest. This makes me feel proud that despite the obvious judgements I was worried about, I did what I did just for me and of course, my husband quite likes them too. 

I read on another patient’s testimonial that she only wishes she had undergone the surgery years ago because of the impact to her body image, self esteem and the other areas of confidence has increased. I echo that too and can’t recommend Dr Harman and his team enough. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share. 


Tiny Tumor

Dear all,
Recently I had a routine mammogram and recall.  Upshot was a small invasive ductal carcinoma that was removed with a partial mastectomy.  The tumour was 6mm x 5mm x 7mm.  The doctors at the hospital couldn’t believe it was picked up.  This is a huge thank you and comes with really such sincere appreciation and gratitude.  No chemotherapy, no hormone therapy, only radiotherapy required – woo hoo!  From myself and my very relieved family


Last week I came in for my fourth annual mammogram and have had pleasant ladies assist.  This year I had the best experience yet – please pass on my thanks for a fantastic sense of humour to my nurse.